My last Blog dealt with recognizing situations where a player could earn their opponents respect. This week I will venture into ways where you can get that respect by earning it and then using it to maximum potential.

Firstly let me re-iterate that one MUST recognize the environments that are conducive and receptive to your attempts at earning your opponents respect. Once you have determined this then you will be able to use the following tactics to get it.

Play good cards when you first sit down at the table. It sounds simple but by being able to show your opponents a hand. By that I mean showing them a hand that dominates other hands. This will get your foot in the door when it comes to building respect.

Once you start to build this relationship with you always having a good hand to turn up on the river, then you can start using this image to fill your opponents heads with how skillful a player you are. So how do you do this? Well, it comes down to creating a story with every hand that ends up with you being the hero and getting the girl or the bloke!

Good poker storytellers are able to get loads of respect at the table by allowing their opponents to have great roles in their stories by following a true leader just never being the ones hauling in all the chips at the end of the day. Your betting style and pot control skills will go a long way into creating a scenario that will allow other players to lay down hands to you and be comfortable with those lay-downs. After all you are running so well and your table image is one of always having it

Putting your opponents at ease is another tactic that can build your respect-o-meter. I have found that portraying a relaxed demeanor, when playing in person can encourage your opponents to let down their guard and play a little softer against you. This will allow you to pick up small pots without having to play every hand to the river. They may just fold and not challenge you in smaller pots. Unfortunately this may not be the case when you play poker online, but by simply not sitting out a lot and acting within the allotted time, you can avoid irritating your opponents and keep them placid.

Still, you have to tread carefully as more seasoned opponents may pick up on this and will play back at you. The key is to identify those players who will be receptive to this type of move. Also if you are challenged, back off and fold the hand graciously. No one wants to be badgered when they have made a winning play. Your trick is to move on to the next hand with your respect still in place and keep that opportunity open to use it again in the future. You WILL get the chance to try it again and succeed!

So in conclusion when you want to get that much sought after respect at the tables, you should firstly play good cards. Secondly create a good story with your cards by skillful betting. Thirdly use your personal demeanor to fool your opponents into following your lead.

Don’t forget to test the waters first by making certain that your opponents are paying attention to the table action, otherwise all of your efforts could end up being all for naught.

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