Casino bonuses can increase your winnings or cheer you up if things are not going well. They are always present in any game in the online casinos in NJ . This article will help you understand the different types of bonuses that you can meet, understand their mechanism, use strategy and ultimately improve your skills and increase your winnings.


Bonuses help to never lose morale: they are available at any time, even when the “black bar” comes (this type of bonus is often called a “comforting prize”).

Most bonuses have requirements for wagering: a certain amount of bets, time limits, how many times you need to win back the bonus amount and other conditions. For example, bonuses on free spins (we’ll explain in more details below) are usually subject to wagering. For example, your winnings on free backs amounted to 20 € and under the terms of the special offer it must be played at least 10 times. This means that you will not be able to withdraw these funds until the moment you put in the amount of 200 € = 20 € x 10.

It is important to note that only the amount won is payable.



Also known as a “reload bonus” for regular players. Usually distributed to video slots and board games and encourage the player to make a deposit.

It works as follows: for example, the bonus offer is 50% up to 500 €. Adding 100 € to your account, you will receive a bonus of € 50, and the total amount on your account will be 150 €. This type of bonus is also sometimes called fixed, since its size depends strictly on a certain percentage of the deposit amount deposited. Let’s give one more example: if the deposit bonus is 100%, then you will receive the same bonus for depositing to the account 100 € and you will be able to play in a casino with a total of 200 €.


Not as common as a deposit bonus. Its size usually amounts to some amount of loss. For example, if the size of cashback is 10% and the bonus offer is valid for a week, then after the end of the promotion you will receive 10% of the total amount of your lost bets. Cashback is good because it is accrued in cash and is not subject to compulsory wagering.

This type of bonus is not found in all casinos at all, so do not miss it when there is such an opportunity.


A very common bonus, which is easy to get. Charged to the player during the registration of a new account in an online casino. Usually paid in the form of a small amount, for example, 5 €, although some casinos prefer to give it with free backs. Also with a no deposit bonus you can meet in different loyalty programs (this will be discussed below).

As a rule, no deposit bonuses are subject to wagering.


It’s safe to say that this is the most popular kind of bonuses. Its name speaks for itself: if you won 10 free spins in a particular slot game, the reels will start 10 times at the expense of the casino, and all the winnings will be credited to your gaming account.

Usually the number of free spins varies from 10 to 30. To calculate the winnings, it is necessary to take into account the size of the bet and how many gaming lines have been chosen. If you, for example, won for each free spin .50 €, your total winnings will be 5 €. If for 20 spins 0,25 € – again 5 €.

The size of each free spin rate depends on the casino, and may also differ in different slot games . So keep in mind that, for example, 20 free casino spins can have a completely different weight from casino to casino. Sometimes you can find so-called “big spins” and “super spins”. These are all the same free spins, but with a large bet size – approximately 1 € and 3 € depending on the casino.

Free backs have wagering requirements, so you will have to “wrap” your winnings a certain number of times before the funds can be withdrawn from the account or transferred to another product.

As you can see, the bonus of free spins can have a completely different meaning, which depends on their number, video slot, bet size and requirements for wagering.


As mentioned above, this type of bonus is a variation of the deposit bonus for regular players, which you can get by depositing funds into your account a second time and later. In effect, the “deposit bonus” is a “welcome bonus” that you receive after registration, making your first deposit. And you can count on the “re-deposit bonus” by making funds to your account in the future.

Usually, the more you play, the greater the bonus you can count on. Such a bonus is a good incentive for both regular players and those who do not play very often.

“Bonuses for re-deposit” are subject to wagering, so we strongly recommend that you first become acquainted with the terms and conditions of the offer.


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